Valorant Tournaments Intro

Valorant is the latest eSport title from Riot Games. The game has been anticipated due to the gameplay and features. The eSport community has high hopes when it comes to Valorant as an eSport mega title. Several pro teams around the world are already putting together a Valorant team roster to compete in the coming eSport tournaments. Want to learn more about Valorant eSport. Riot Games has launched a new Valorant Ignition Series, and VALORANT First Strike tournament to support the competitive gaming in Valorant. Here is a Valorant tournament list.

Valorant players facing off against each in a tournament

Valorant Tournament Modes

Valorant offers multiple opportunities when it comes to tournament modes. The 5v5 tournament, which is also common in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive eSports title. This tournament mode will likely become the most popular mode, as the gameplay will be known to many fans of the First Person Shooters. But also the 1v1 tournament mode is an option in Valorant. The 1v1 mode offers a new gameplaying style, which is new to most FPS fans. This is going to be an interesting tournament mode to follow in the coming years. All new gameplay modes take time to evolve and to attract an audience. But Valorant as an eSports title, backed by Riot Games extensive ressources for game development and marketing, might just be what is needed to succeed.

Close-up of a Valorant team playing in a tournament

Valorant Tournaments Overview

A key part of the best eSport experience, is to know where to find the best tournaments and leagues. This is true for both Pro matches and for amateur matches and tournaments. We want to help you how to find the Valorant tournaments you are looking for. When it comes to selecting the best Valorant tournaments. You need an overview of both the tournaments that you can participate in as a player, as well as an overview of the tournaments that you can watch as a Valorant eSport fan.

A Valorant player sitting in front of a computer