Valorant First Strike

Riot has launched the Valorant First Strike eSports tournament. This is the next level tournament that Riot Games has been planning to introduce, since the launch of the Valorant Ignition Series. The Ignition series was created as a series of tournaments held around the world. It was held in partnership with various eSport tournament organizers and eSport organizations. The Valorant First Strike tournament is hosted and run by Riot, which is the first time since the launch of the eSports titel.

VALORANT First Strike tournament

Valorant First Strike – Where and When?

The tournament is set to start in October 2020 with regional qualifiers, and ending up with multiple regional finals in December 2020.


  • North America
  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Turkey
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Brazil
  • Middle East

Players who have turned 16, and hold the rank of Immortal 1, will be eligble to compete in the tournament. Certain rules and policies may apply, so players are encouraged to check these before signing up for the tournament.

The top 8 teams from each regional qualifiers will participate in the regional finals. The winners are entitled to call themselves the first regional Valorant champions. Both pro and amateur teams will be able to enter the open qualifiers, to get their chance to claim the title.

Integrity is Important

The Valorant anti-cheat team has been collecting data and informations from hundreds of smaller tournaments, as well as the Ignition Series. This ensures a high level of integrity, which the players can expect from the tournament organizer. The anti-cheat team will be closely watching both the qualifers and the regional finals.

Valorant is the fastest growing eSport at the moment, and the First Strike tournaments aims to keep it that way. Riot Games are determined to grow their investment in the competitive part of Valorant. The long term goal is to retain their target audience, by providing value that supports the growth of the eSport title.