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What is Valorant eSport?

Valorant is the latest eSport title within the genre of First Person Shooter (FPS). It is considered by many experts to be one of the great eSport titles of the future. What is unique is that it mixes the best of CS: GO with the best of Overwatch. In addition to titles such as League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, the game developer Riot Games, who is behind the game, now also has Valorant in their portfolio of eSport games. This is a clear indication that Riot Games is ready to take up the fight against Valve. Valve have been at the top of the eSport scene with CS: GO for a number of years.

Valorant eSport is the lates title within competitive First Person Shooters. Developed by Riot Games.

Valorant eSport – Gameplay on a new level

With Valorant, Riot Games has tried to strike the perfect balance between the well-known gameplay from CS: GO and then the more complicated tactical part. This is known from other eSport titles, including League of Legends. Thus, in Valorant, the player can choose from 10 different agents. Each agent has their own unique special abilities. This brings a tactical element into play that has not been seen before on this scale in a First Person Shooter eSport title. Visit Valorant’s official site to learn more.

Valorants gameplay is a mix between CS:GO and Overwatch. It also includes tactical elements from League of Legends

Valorant focuses on performance

To achieve the ultimate gaming experience, the creators of Valorant have also made sure to place several servers around the world. This means that each region is guaranteed the best possible performance in regards to server lag. The goal is that everyone can run at least 30 frames per second. Even on older PC systems. This will undoubtedly increase the popularity as well as credibility of the game. Especially when pursuing the title of the world’s best Valorant player.

Valorant focuses on performance to makes sure older PC systems can run the game

Valorant tournaments

There are a lot of different Valorant tournaments taking place around the world, and much more to come in the future. We want to help you how to find Valorant tournaments, and make sure you have a complete overview of all tournaments, leagues and rankings. Many eSport organizations are putting together new Valorant eSport teams, in the anticipation that Valorant will suceed as an eSports game. Riot Games have also launched their own Valorant Ignition Series to support the competitive ecosystem in Valorant.

There a many Valorant eSport tournaments taking place around the world